Public Islamic Asia Leader Fund

Global and regional markets have rebounded strongly in 2009 amid expectations that the global economy would continue to recover. Moving into 2010, continued fiscal stimulus and accommodative policy measures are expected to sustain the global economic recovery with regional economic growth envisaged to outpace the growth of developed economies. “Over the medium- to long-term, regional markets are expected to outperform due to their reasonable valuations, high savings rates, brighter economic growth prospects and stronger fiscal positions,” she said.

PIALEF is an Islamic equity fund that seeks to achieve capital growth over the medium- to long-term period by investing mainly in companies with market capitalisation of US$1 billion and above in domestic and regional markets that comply with Shariah requirements. These companies tend to have leading positions and established market shares which will enable them to perform well during robust as well as challenging market conditions. The fund may invest in sectors which include infrastructure, telecommunications, manufacturing, consumer, technology, conglomerates and natural resources.

The equity exposure of PIALEF will generally range from 75% to 98% of its net asset value (NAV). PIALEF is suitable for aggressive investors who would like to be in the position to reap benefits from the recovery in Asian markets

~ by alibara on January 19, 2010.

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  1. kiblat arah mana???tuh tlg betulkan kiblat anda

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